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Episode 1.2 – Steven Fox

Special guest: Steven Fox

Deep cuts: Jón Leifs – Requiem; Erfiljóð

On our second episode we talk to American conductor Steven Fox about his recent recording of Maximilian Steinberg‘s Passion Week with The Clarion Choir from New York City.

Our Deep Cuts are two choral works by Icelandic composer Jón Leifs, titled Requiem and Erfiljóð, which were composed in 1947 and 1948.

There are three ways that you can hear the music featured on this episode. 

1. Purchase it on Arkiv Music, iTunes, Amazon, or most other online music stores. This has the most benefit for those who made the album happen.

Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week

Jón Leifs: Requiem


Jón Leifs: Erfiljóð

2. Stream it in Naxos Music Library. Your university, public library, or symphony orchestra likely offers it to members. If not, let them know you are interested. NML pays out streaming royalties at a much higher per-stream rate than any other streaming service. We’re talking multiple pennies per stream, not tiny fractions of a cent like other streaming services. They also have a large selection of playlists for further discovery.

Access Naxos Music Library through your institution. There should be a link on their website, usually alongside other online databases or media sites. In most cases you can even google the institution name along with “Naxos Music Library” and it will come right up. It’s a couple steps to find it the first time, but then you can bookmark it for easy access.

You can search for the albums using any related criteria, but the most direct way to find them is by searching for the specific catalog number given to it by the record label. These are:

Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week




Jón Leifs: Requiem




Jón Leifs: Erfiljóð




3. Stream it in Spotify or Apple Music. Spotify and Apple Music only pay out a tiny fraction of a cent per stream, and they’re not really designed to make classical music easy to find. But if the above two options aren’t available to you, Spotify or Apple Music is the way to go. And if you want to explore further, check out the playlists in either site presented by unCLASSIFIED.com.


Music included in this episode is used courtesy of Naxos Licensing. Visit NaxosLicensing.com to learn more about using music in your project, no matter how big or small.


Our theme music comes from Elisabetta Brusa’s Symphony No. 1: III. Allegro moderato.

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